Once in a Lifetime

This is a 'time-old' mission of many women as they seek their 'Prince Charming', the man of their dreams. This original and contemporary poem by Elle Smith is titled 'Once in a Lifetime', which is perhaps the reality of true love, describes in romantic verse those feelings and emotions as you come to the realization that he is your soulmate.


Contemporary Romantic Love Poem Once in a Lifetime by Elle Smith

Tears Over The Years

It is a certainty that we all shed tears in one form or another over the years of our lives. However, could there be any common denominator between the tears shed by one generation to those of another. This introspective, original poem by Elle Smith, is perfectly titled, as 'Tears Over The Years' examines the common elements around the tears of a grandmother, mother and child.


Poetry Tears Over the Years by Elle Smith


Fireworks Inside Me

Love can sometimes be like an array of fireworks exploding inside you, as you move from interest in that special other person, to falling hook, line and sinker in love. Elle Smith perfectly sums up those emotions in the quaint, contemporary poem - 'Fireworks Inside Me'. This original poem shows just how explosive love can truly be!


Contemporary Poem - Fireworks Inside Me by Elle Smith

Little Things

We all come to realize that in life, an in particular love, that it is definitely the Little things that count. Contemporary poet Elle Smith rhythmically expresses how those little things make us feel when displayed by someone we love in this original poem:


Original Poem Little Things by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle Contemporary Love Poetry

Colours of Love

This original poem suggests that there are Colours of Love, and that as Elle Smith recites in beautiful verse that love traverses different stages, or the full colour spectrum as the love within a relationship deepens. From the beginning to complete and everlasting love, we go through a vibrant spectrum of colours:


Original poem Colours of Love by Elle Smith Poet 

Time At Sea

Time at Sea is an original poem by Elle Smith, where she compares life as we know it, to being at sea. Often we feel like we are on a journey, with an unclear destination or even timeframe for our arrival. This poem describes this journey with reference to the impact of time and the water of the sea:


Time at Sea Original Poem Elle Smith Life Contemporary Poetry

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow is a beautiful contemporary poem by London poet, Elle Smith. This original poem describes those intimate feelings before, during and after meeting the person of your dreams, or your soulmate, if you prefer to use this term:

Original Poem Yesterday Today and Tomorrow by Elle Smith

Everything and Nothing

Elle Smith uses contemporary poetry to pose that question which often troubles us all in her original poem called Everything and Nothing. Throughout life we all seek the secret to ultimate happiness as we play the game of life, but what if we already had the answer but had simply overlooked what is glaring us in the face?


Poem about Happiness Everything and Nothing by Elle Smith UK Poet 

Scared to Say

London poet and artist Elle Smith has written this original poem to coincide with Valentine's Day as we are often Scared To Say what our true feelings are for someone. It is one thing to experience feelings inside for a love interest, but bearing them out loud means they become published. We all know that this sort of publication is probably the most cherished and heart-breaking at the same time!


Original Poem - Scared to Say By London Poet Elle Smith

Love Changes

This original poem called Love Changes is an Elle Smith piece of poetry that we all can identify with. There are many stages through which love must pass until it defines itself as being authentic and unconditional:


Original Poem - Love Changes by Elle Smith - London Poet

The Love Bug

A contemporary poem by Elle Smith which reflects on the realities we see currently in the world. This original poem called The Love Bug uses the analogy of a virus described as a poison spreading throughout the world, to demonstrate love is the only means to defeat the hatred we have seen in mankind of late:

Original Poem - The Love Bug by Elle Smith

Secret Life of Toys

We have all grown up them, but have we considered whether there actually is a 'Secret Life of Toys'? Elle Smith recalls those magical moments of childhood in this original poem, whilst pondering on what was going on from the point of view of toys:

 Original Poem - Secret Life of toys by Elle Smith