Everything and Nothing

Elle Smith uses contemporary poetry to pose that time old question which often troubles us all, in her original poem called Everything and Nothing. Throughout life we all seek the secret to ultimate happiness as we play the game of life, but what if we already had the answer but had simply overlooked what is glaring us in the face?

It is often the case in life that we consider the time old question of whether our glass is half full, or indeed half empty. This original poem contemplates this exact question of having everything and nothing, because there is the danger that in life we can chase those unimportant things, whilst missing what we already possess. Elle Smith once again nails it here in poetry, which will resonate with many who struggle to find that ultimate happiness in life.


Contemporary original Poem Everything and Nothing Elle Smith UK Poet


Everything and Nothing


A lonely man walked his path,

upon the earth he tread. 

Searching eagerly for the thing

he thought was in his head.

Each day he smiled at his pursuits

as many a difficult challenge he met.

However, the very wish within him,

though simple,

he never seemed to get.

The man acquired many attachments,

a beautiful home, great family and friends.

Yet still, true happiness scathed his soul,

despite stoic efforts to commend.

It was nearly when the road converged,

his route blurred as life came to the end.

A moment of thoughtful reflection,

he realized

he had



to transcend.


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