Monsters in the Room

This a reflective, contemporary poem about the multiple personalities that we all exhibit as human beings. Often reserved for psychology and psychiatry, we mostly perceive the thin line between mental health issues to be much more remote from our lives. However, Elle Smith tackles this inner torture in her original poem 'Monsters in the Room', which delicately shows us that life places many pressures and challenges on individuals. This poetry is thought-provoking in a positive way, as to how we cope with these matters.


Contemporary Poetry Monsters in the Room by Elle Smith London Poet

Once in a Lifetime

This is a 'time-old' mission of many women as they seek their 'Prince Charming', the man of their dreams. This original and contemporary poem by Elle Smith is titled 'Once in a Lifetime', which is perhaps the reality of true love, describes in romantic verse those feelings and emotions as you come to the realization that he is your soulmate.


Contemporary Romantic Love Poem Once in a Lifetime by Elle Smith

Tears Over The Years

It is a certainty that we all shed tears in one form or another over the years of our lives. However, could there be any common denominator between the tears shed by one generation to those of another. This introspective, original poem by Elle Smith, is perfectly titled, as 'Tears Over The Years' examines the common elements around the tears of a grandmother, mother and child.


Poetry Tears Over the Years by Elle Smith


Fireworks Inside Me

Love can sometimes be like an array of fireworks exploding inside you, as you move from interest in that special other person, to falling hook, line and sinker in love. Elle Smith perfectly sums up those emotions in the quaint, contemporary poem - 'Fireworks Inside Me'. This original poem shows just how explosive love can truly be!


Contemporary Poem - Fireworks Inside Me by Elle Smith

Little Things

We all come to realize that in life, an in particular love, that it is definitely the Little things that count. Contemporary poet Elle Smith rhythmically expresses how those little things make us feel when displayed by someone we love in this original poem:


Original Poem Little Things by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle Contemporary Love Poetry

Any change

Being homeless is a state of affairs that many of us cannot imagine, but the perception and pleas for help may become lost in translation. This original, contemporary poem by London artist and poet, Elle Smith is called 'Any Change' and it certainly paints another perspective on homelessness:


Homelessness Poem called Any Change by Elle Smith London UK