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Tears Over The Years

It is a certainty that we all shed tears in one form or another over the years of our lives. However, could there be any common denominator between the tears shed by one generation to those of another. This introspective, original poem by Elle Smith, is perfectly titled, as 'Tears Over The Years' examines the common elements between the tears of a grandmother, mother and child.


Original Contemporary Poem Tears Over The Years by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle


Tears over the Years


Silently I watched my mother cry,

deep inside I truly wondered why.

Hide though she always did,

I knew.. as I was no longer a kid.


My tears came all too soon,

as the wrong person I did swoon.

Love melts our hearts to a rosy red,

emotions visible without words said.


Generations passed, my son arrived,

full of happiness, dreamily he resides.

Touched by life he started to grow,

all too soon he met life’s woes.


Those tears though years apart,

inside completely crushed my heart.

Dreams, aspirations and all our fear,

in a tiny tear completely disappear.




We hope that 'Tears Over The Years' resonates with you, as it is a beautiful sentiment to think that tears can melt away our troubles and woes, no matter how profound or challenging they may be.

It would be great if you could leave some feedback about Elle's poem, as it is nice for her to know how it resonates with you. Please feel free to peruse our Poetry Blog  (A Poem A Day), where you will find a wide selection of original, contemporary poems on various topics

Thank you.


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