Colours of Love

This original poem suggests that there are Colours of Love, and that as Elle Smith recites in beautiful verse that love traverses different stages, or the full colour spectrum as the love within a relationship deepens. From the beginning to complete and everlasting love, we go through a vibrant spectrum of colours:


Original Poem Colours of Love Contemporary Poetry Inspired By Elle Smith


Colours of Love


Love is really something magical,

which changes as we grow.

It starts off with pure naivety,

in a pastel yellow, it glows.

Springtime means it blossoms,

like perfectly formed tulips in pink.

We nurture our relationship,

offering stunning red roses and lips.

The object of our affection,

we bestow with great respect.

Red evolving into majestic purple,

with shared meeting of the mind.

Emotions grow even deeper with seasons,

feeling blue when we are apart.

The green-eyed monster may arrive,

jealousy-fuelled as we have thrived.

Our mind, body and soul will unify,

as shared love in gold is defined.

Love is truly a vivid kaleidoscope,

with many colours being displayed.

Make sure to cover the spectrum,

always know your love’s full worth.


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