Time At Sea

Time at Sea is an original poem by Elle Smith, where she compares life as we know it, to being at sea. Often we feel like we are on a journey, with an unclear destination or even timeframe for our arrival. This poem describes this journey with reference to the impact of time and the water of the sea:


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Time at Sea


What is time,

if not like the sea

swelling up somehow

to glide the soul

away to tranquility.

The waves bring life

with ebbs and troughs

cruelly taking away

when days are done.

Tides bring hope

as growth expands.

Then crushes vainly

reclaiming the land.

Water soothes

EVERY thing

the secret elixir of hope

to make man think.

The waves of time

rock gently for us ALL

alas we forget

her clock beats

an unknown vibe.

Her relentless bell

chimes to young to old

whilst calm in between

restores balance

and hope.


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