Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow is a beautiful contemporary poem by London poet, Elle Smith. This original poem describes those intimate feelings before, during and after meeting the person of your dreams, or your soulmate, if you prefer to use this term:


Original Poem Yesterday Today and Tomorrow Elle Smith


Yesterday Today and Tomorrow



I did not know you,

but you were always in my dreams.

I closed my eyes each night,

and you

winked back at me.



I could not speak to you,

as I did not have the words.

The language of love and affection

always leaves

you quite absurd.



I saw you walking,

and YOU stood out like a star.

You sparkled unlike others,

that’s how

you caught my heart.



I started to imagine,

my life entwined with yours.

Those dreams and aspirations,

were better

together than apart.



I know we will be together,

some things are meant to be.

A future with the only person,

who brought

me to my knees.



I will know the happiness,

I have sought throughout my life.

You and me together at last,

was truly worth

all the sacrifice.



today and tomorrow,

I will love you with pure delight.

Things that don’t come easy

just never

fade with time.


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