Love Changes

This original poem called Love Changes is an Elle Smith piece of poetry that we all can identify with. There are many stages through which love must pass until it defines itself as being authentic and unconditional.

We all have feelings of love at various stages in our relationships, and yet it is still complex to determine whether we are experiencing true love. Well, love changes not only in our romantic relationships, but also in our friendships. This original poem givs some beautiful verse about the changes within a relationship until the realisation of true, unconditional love:


Original Poem Love Changes by Elle Smith Contemporary Poetry Inspired By Elle


Love Changes


Love changes

as you grow,

little by little,

it makes you know.

You meet them,

and you are never sure.

Are they the one?

to whom you will

open those doors.

It takes time

to build your trust.

Only with experience,

can you distinguish lust.

You miss them

when they are not there.

Gradually you realize

you do really care.

This is the point

at which you must act.

Never leave unfinished

the love that is fact.

Love changes

as you grow

which means

you change,

and cannot predict

where it will go.


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