Once in a Lifetime

This is a 'time-old' mission of many women as they seek their 'Prince Charming', the man of their dreams. This original and contemporary poem by Elle Smith is titled 'Once in a Lifetime', which is perhaps the reality of true love, describes in romantic verse those feelings and emotions as you come to the realization that he is your soulmate.


Original Poem Once in a Lifetime by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle Contemporary Love Poem Soulmate Feelings Man of your Dreams True Love Realization


Once in a Lifetime


Once in a lifetime

you meet

that man.

He’s the one

who lovingly

takes your hand.

Strolling together,

living life

out proud.

He’s bold

and strong,

the action hero

with whom

you belong.

He cares with

absolute delight,

for you


he’s willing

to fight.

Ready on demand

your stress

to calm

With a burst of kisses

you forget

all qualms.

Instead preferring

to fall gently

into his arms.

Over the years

tirelessly searching

a lifetime

it may seem.

For that moment

when your heart

can beam.

Once in a lifetime,

you meet

the right man

never, ever

let go

of his




 We hope that you have enjoyed 'Once in a Lifetime' which is a beautiful rendition of how it feels when we meet that special man. Elle Smith writes original poems of many genres, but always composed in a simplistic yet elegant fashion. Please feel free to read other contemporary love poems in the 'A Poem A Day' blog, and do sign up to the mailing list too!


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