Secret Valentine

Many people go through life without discovering the pure magic of meeting their soulmate. This 'Secret Valentine' poem reflects on the special moments of connection shared between two people, who connect on a deeply emotional level.


Secret Valentine Love Poem by Elle Smith 

Unfinished Business

Time is a moving and changing force, in which sometimes we despair as to whether we will ever get into sync with it's chime. The same applies to love and relationships, sometimes the time is not right for love, and we have to leave "Unfinished Business" in the love department for another day, or another time completely.

This original poem is a reminder of how sometimes we need to park even the most meaningful of love affairs.


Unfinished Business by Elle Smith


Love and relationships are never an easy task, as they take time, effort and indeed care to shape into something lasting. Elle Smith captures those sentiments in 'Sometimes', which is an original poem which touches this reality. Hopefully, you will relate to the words and enjoy this beautiful piece of verse about appreciating love.


Sometimes by Elle Smith Original Contemporary Poem 

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow is a beautiful contemporary poem by London poet, Elle Smith. This original poem describes those intimate feelings before, during and after meeting the person of your dreams, or your soulmate, if you prefer to use this term:

Original Poem Yesterday Today and Tomorrow by Elle Smith

In a Natural Sense

This original poem is inspired by the pure force of love, which is something we all struggle to explain to others as to how we are strangely overcome by this explosive energy. Elle Smith's poem 'In a Natural Sense' is a contemporary expression of love in poetry:

Original Love Poem In a Natural Sense by Elle Smith UK


My Wonder Woman

This contemporary poem called 'My Wonder Woman' is a gem from London and UK poet, Elle Smith, which the ladies will appreciate is in their honour.

'Imagine meeting a woman who melts you to ice, captivates your soul and with whom you feel anything is possible, maybe you would call her "My Wonder Woman" as this poem does:

My Wonder Woman