Unfinished Business

Time is a moving and changing force, in which sometimes we despair as to whether we will ever get into sync with it's chime. The same applies to love and relationships, sometimes the time is not right for love, and we have to leave "Unfinished Business" in the love department for another day, or another time completely.

This original poem is a reminder of how sometimes we need to park even the most meaningful of love affairs.


Unfinished Business by Elle Smith

Colours of Love

This original poem suggests that there are Colours of Love, and that as Elle Smith recites in beautiful verse that love traverses different stages, or the full colour spectrum as the love within a relationship deepens. From the beginning to complete and everlasting love, we go through a vibrant spectrum of colours:


Original poem Colours of Love by Elle Smith Poet 

Love Changes

This original poem called Love Changes is an Elle Smith piece of poetry that we all can identify with. There are many stages through which love must pass until it defines itself as being authentic and unconditional:


Original Poem - Love Changes by Elle Smith - London Poet

My Wonder Woman

This contemporary poem called 'My Wonder Woman' is a gem from London and UK poet, Elle Smith, which the ladies will appreciate is in their honour.

'Imagine meeting a woman who melts you to ice, captivates your soul and with whom you feel anything is possible, maybe you would call her "My Wonder Woman" as this poem does:

My Wonder Woman