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Welcome to Inspired by Elle!

Elle Smith is a London-based contemporary artist who creates oil paintings with an intimate and perceptive honesty. Ms. Smith is exceptionally diversified in her ability to produce conceptual works for her clients with her intellectual strength and an unstoppably innovative right brain. Integrity is at the centre of her work, and so, when you purchase a product made by Elle Smith, you receive something created quite uniquely.

An award-winning artist, Elle Smith uses her strong sense of colour and aesthetic balance to construct wonderful works of art for your office and home. Creating custom-designed art paintings, celebrity portraits, motivational quotes, and personalized poetry; Elle Smith is a contemporary artist with varied natural talent.

Browse through Elle’s Portfolio in the Original Art Gallery, or visit the shop, where you will see the scope of her creativity in its entirety.

'Inspired by creativity', Elle is an intuitive artist, who is passionate about her craft and spurned by your enthusiasm. Inspired By Elle has the mission statement:

"Our vision is to touch everyone with creative excellence."

This is already evident as her talent develops whilst diversifying to other areas like fashion, cookery and literature.

Elle is already highly regarded for her insightful, contemporary and inspirational poetry, which will shortly be available to purchase as a collection in a book. Some of her poems will be available to purchase as limited edition greeting cards, which is a nice way to share these as keepsakes.

You will note that Elle’s work includes a number of animal art paintings, as she is fiercely supportive of endangered animals. These animal pieces are very compact and personal as they are painted on very small canvases. You will also find Elle’s videos her YouTube channel, where more information about these endangered species can be found.

Elle is available for commissioned art paintings or personalized, original poems for birthdays, weddings or other celebrations. Please send your request in a message on the “Contact Us” page. 

Thank you.