"We all know the importance of having a voice, but to be heard and published is truly rewarding."

Here are some publications that mention the work of London contemporary artist and poet, Elle Smith or where she has published her own articles:

24 May 2018

Top Drawer Inc. Corp Looking Within to Overcome Challenges Elle Smith

19 April 2018

Top Drawer Inc. Corp Learn While Relaxing Elle Smith
24 Sept. 2017 Beautiful Silk Bolero Scarf Every Woman Needs Admin
7 Sept. 2017 Linkedin Pulse


Why Strong Ethics Will Unlock Brand Success in the Future

Elle Smith
8 May 2017

Joy Turner

(The pure Joy of Food and Beverage)

Unique Recipes that will show your Creativity in the Kitchen Neeta
4 May 2017

The Plug Los Angeles Online


The Stylish Silk Bolero Scarf from Inspired By Elle is causing Waves in the Elite Fashion Space Sam
2 May 2017

Music Events and Weddings

WEDDINGS AND SILK Author at psykup
30 Apr. 2017 Essex Mag A Candid Chat with Artist Elle Smith Matt
28 Apr. 2017 Everything Wedding Inspired By Elle: Beautiful and Luxurious Wedding Gift Ideas CD at Everything Wedding
24 Apr. 2017 My Best Friend's Hair Blog Silk Bolero Scarf for Females - Does Dimension Really Matter? MyBestFriendsHair
27 Mar. 2017

MARKETING Media Planner

Inspired By Elle  Darren Tunstall
28 Nov. 2016 Globally Couture Fashion Blog Artist: Elle Smith Adia Prade

27 Sept. 2016

 LinkedIn Pulse 

Why is the Population Becoming so Angry? Elle Smith
12 Sept. 2016
Model on a Mission
Brand Partners - INSPIRED BY ELLE
Nora Gourma
8 Sept. 2016
Pro Media Mag

Inspired By Elle - Where Art Meets Fashion  Home Page

Professional Media Learning
5 Sept. 2016

London-Based Artist, Elle Smith on Creativity & Entrepreneurship

17 Aug. 2016

Inspired By Elle 

Mr Blogger

8 Aug. 2016

The Crazy Mind

Inspired By Elle


3 Aug. 2016 

StylishZIN - The Fashion Blog

30 July 2016 

Get Tropical


Get Tropical website

28 May 2016 

LinkedIn Pulse
Do You Know Why it is Dangerous to Label People?
Elle Smith

27 April 2016 

LinkedIn Pulse
Why Everyone needs To Be a Great Negotiator?
Elle Smith

13 April 2016 

LinkedIn Pulse
Why I Hate the Negative Use of the Word "Black"?
Elle Smith

5 April 2016

ARTiculAction Contemporary Art Review
Anniversary Edition - Special Issue 
Josh Ryder & Barbara Scott (Curators)

10 March 2016 

LinkedIn Pulse
What Would You See If You Acquired 20/2 Vision?
Elle Smith

25 Feb. 2016 

LinkedIn Pulse
Is Red the Ultimate Colour of Success?
Elle Smith

8 Feb. 2016 

LinkedIn Pulse
Is There a Place for Love in Business?
Elle Smith

28 Jan. 2016 

LinkedIn Pulse
Do You Really Know How to Make the 'Best' Friend and Colleague?
Elle Smith

22 Jan. 2016 

LinkedIn Pulse
Would Losing An Eye Make You See Things Clearly?
Elle Smith

14 Jan. 2016

LinkedIn Pulse
Master How to Make Others Want to be You!!
Elle Smith

6 Jan. 2016 

LinkedIn Pulse
How to be Real within the New Fake Reality?
Elle Smith

28 Dec. 2015

LinkedIn Pulse
Are you Afraid of What You See in the Mirror?
Elle Smith

24 Dec. 2015

LinkedIn Pulse
Can it Ever be Good to be Materialistic?
Elle Smith

17 Dec. 2015 

LinkedIn Pulse
Why the Human Race is the Greatest Danger to the Planet?
Elle Smith

9 Dec. 2015 

LinkedIn Pulse
How to Prevent Modern Media from Desensitizing You?
Elle Smith

3 Dec. 2015 

LinkedIn Pulse
Why Creativity is the Best Solution to 21st Century Issues?
Elle Smith

17 Nov. 2015

 LinkedIn Pulse

What are the Best Ways to Create Happiness in your Life?
Elle Smith

20 Oct. 2015 

LinkedIn Pulse
"How to be the Most Emotionally Intelligent Person Ever"
Elle Smith

26 Sept. 2015

Art Ascent, Canada
"Distinguished Artist of Violet call"

24 Sept. 2015

Artsy Shark
"Artists we Love"  
Carolyn Edlund

23 Sept. 2015

Art Ascent, Canada  
"ArtAscent "Violet" Magazine - Volume 15" 

18 Sept. 2015 

Guardian Witness, UK
"A Self-Referential work of Art about Art"  
Elle Smith

17 June 2015

LinkedIn Pulse
"What is the true worth of money"
Elle Smith

29 May 2015 

StudioVox - California, USA  
"The Importance of Words" 

5 May 2015

LinkedIn Pulse
"How Important is Art in How Modern Day Society?"
Elle Smith

4 May 2015

StudioVox - California, USA  
"Creatives that You Should Know XXXII"
Alexis Lundy