Time At Sea

Time at Sea is an original poem by Elle Smith, where she compares life as we know it, to being at sea. Often we feel like we are on a journey, with an unclear destination or even timeframe for our arrival. This poem describes this journey with reference to the impact of time and the water of the sea:


Time at Sea Original Poem Elle Smith Life Contemporary Poetry

The Secret Staircase

What if life is actually about us climbing 'The Secret Staircase', where along the way we are taught lessons and offered opportunities. London artist and poet, Elle Smith makes beautiful verse in her original contemporary poem which gives an alternative perspective for the meaning and purpose of life:

The Secret Staircase original poem by Elle Smith UK London poet

Connecté en Cercles

Considérons-nous comment nous sommes reliés à d'autres, le monde est vraiment une petite place par Elle Smith de Londres. Connecté en cercles est un poème original et contemporain: