A Palette of Colour

Look to the first line of this poem, where we apply happiness to inject positivity, something which always helps when there are struggle or difficulties. Often when starting from a place of negativity, our innermost fears take control and we allow self-defeat to eliminate various options without consideration.

Colour can be very emotive, even indeed with the skin colour of our populations around the globe. What if we had colour blindness with regards to skin colour? Surely, many prejudices and indifference would disappear overnight. How amazing would this be!!!


A Palette of Colour by Elle Smith an original poem

Blindness in what I see

It is easy to question whether our busy lives, distractions like social media and growing life angsts, are making us less caring. Maybe you are now wondering whether there are "Blindness in What I See" sentiments, in your own life.

This original poem considers the world at large, from humanity to the fragile planet we call home, and considers whether we care enough, and are grateful for what we are blessed with.


Blindness in what I see by Elle Smith 

Secret Valentine

Many people go through life without discovering the pure magic of meeting their soulmate. This 'Secret Valentine' poem reflects on the special moments of connection shared between two people, who connect on a deeply emotional level.


Secret Valentine Love Poem by Elle Smith 

Unfinished Business

Time is a moving and changing force, in which sometimes we despair as to whether we will ever get into sync with it's chime. The same applies to love and relationships, sometimes the time is not right for love, and we have to leave "Unfinished Business" in the love department for another day, or another time completely.

This original poem is a reminder of how sometimes we need to park even the most meaningful of love affairs.


Unfinished Business by Elle Smith

We Took Back The Clock

Despite all the advances with science and indeed medicine, cancer is still in the top ten terminal illnesses in the world. We battle and support each other against the various forms of this disease. 

This original poem "We Took Back The Clock" is written to inspire us all to do just that, to turn back the increasing numbers  of diagnoses sufferers and increase the numbers of survivors, until one day we eradicate cancer fully.


We Took Back The Clock an original poem by Elle Smith

Love Crumbs

We all love to believe in the fairytale that you will one day meet your perfect partner. The reality is that the path to true love is not always a fairytale, and sometimes it involves patience, time and even determination to leave "Love Crumbs" for our one, true love to find.


Original Poem Love Crumbs by Elle Smith A Poem A Day Blog


Love and relationships are never an easy task, as they take time, effort and indeed care to shape into something lasting. Elle Smith captures those sentiments in 'Sometimes', which is an original poem which touches this reality. Hopefully, you will relate to the words and enjoy this beautiful piece of verse about appreciating love.


Sometimes by Elle Smith Original Contemporary Poem 

Love Me Back

Imagine if one poem could capture those feelings when you heart has been ripped in two by unrequited love. This stunning original poem perfectly titled as 'Love Me Back' does exactly that. It is never an easy topic when feelings and emotions are not reciprocated; however this contemporary poetry is the perfect way to explain this type of hurt and upset.


Original Poem Love me Back by Elle Smith

Relativity of the Strong

Relativity of the Strong is  a powerful and reflective piece of poetry which turns the theory of relativity upside down, as this original poem looks at moral standards and the importance of the strong in relation to other aspects of our lives. Elle Smith delivers a punch of the worth of those with tenacity and strength in our society for the greater good of humanity. 


Original Poem Relativity of the Strong by Elle Smith London Poet

Invisible Footprint

It is often hard to imagine that our actions have consequences far-reaching than we imagine. Well, this contemporary original poem Invisible Footprint by creative Elle Smith, allows you to pause for a moment to think about the footprints we seemingly leave on the planet in terms of pollution, damage to the ecosystem, loss of endangered species and climate change. Hopefully, if we collectively pause to consider the consequences we will all interact with the planet in a more meaningful way.


Invisible Footprint Original Poetry by Elle Smith Conservation Ecosystem Pollution Endangered Animal Species

A Right Time to Die

We are all familiar with the Benjamin Franklin quote:  “Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Well, we all must eventually succumb to death, and this original poem 'A Right Time To Die' by Elle Smith explores in a humorous piece of poetry a battle to remain alive whilst in the clutches of death.


Contmeporary Poem about Timing of Death A Right Time To Die By Elle Smith London Poet 

Monsters in the Room

This a reflective, contemporary poem about the multiple personalities that we all exhibit as human beings. Often reserved for psychology and psychiatry, we mostly perceive the thin line between mental health issues to be much more remote from our lives. However, Elle Smith tackles this inner torture in her original poem 'Monsters in the Room', which delicately shows us that life places many pressures and challenges on individuals. This poetry is thought-provoking in a positive way, as to how we cope with these matters.


Contemporary Poetry Monsters in the Room by Elle Smith London Poet

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