Secret Life of Toys

We have all grown up them, but have we considered whether there actually is a 'Secret Life of Toys'? Elle Smith recalls those magical moments of childhood in this original poem, whilst pondering on what was going on from the point of view of toys:


Secret Life of Toys Original Poem Elle Smith Inspired By Elle Contemporary Poetry


Secret Life of Toys


Toys create magic

as they conjure up fun.

Alighting faces.. some old

but mostly - those young.


Coercing children to play,

with laughter and delight,

plus a dash of imagination,

dreams realized in plain sight.


They pretend to talk to us,

as we remain frozen quite still.

Inside we want to say ‘hello’,

and thank you for bringing us in.


We watch parents ponder

many an hour to decide,

whether children will like us,

and be occupied inside.


Observing the family ups,

and sometimes the downs.

Often wanting to intervene,

to erase worry and frowns.


Guardians of children are we,

watching over them at night.

Providing the comfort of never,

quite being out of sight.



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