Love Crumbs

We all love to believe in the fairytale that you will one day meet your perfect partner. The reality is that the path to true love is not always a fairytale, and sometimes it involves patience, time and even determination to leave "Love Crumbs" for our one, true love to find.


Original Poem Love Crumbs by Elle Smith A Poem A Day Blog

Little Things

We all come to realize that in life, an in particular love, that it is definitely the Little things that count. Contemporary poet Elle Smith rhythmically expresses how those little things make us feel when displayed by someone we love in this original poem:


Original Poem Little Things by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle Contemporary Love Poetry

Because of You

Love is an amazing thing, and when you meet the right person it suddenly takes on a new dimension. UK poet Elle Smith sums up those feelings of being in love beautifully in this original poem called "Because of You":