The Unique Creativity Between Love and Architecture

We have countless examples of the unique creativity between love and architecture around the world. This article offers perfect insights into the history that has spurred the creation of these beautiful buildings that we love to admire. The image below captures the heart of the Taj Mahal. a palace which was inspired by one of the greatest love stories of all time.


The Unique Creativity Between Love and Architecture Elle Blog

How To Select the Best Silk Scarf for You

The takeaway from this article is creativity. It is easy to become addicted to scarves due to their never-ending versatility. One can never own too many scarves in silk. There’s always a place for scarves in everyday life. Wear them to work for a fancy professional look, or wear it because a scarf is the most reliable fashion accessory to own. The most important message is to select a silk scarf that best suits you.


 Elle Blog Hw to Select the Best Silk Scarf for You

Is Humanity Putting Too Much Faith in Science?

We have seen a vast array of scientific developments in recent years, which arguably should make our lives better. Yet, we have the age-old conflicts around the globe and live under the constant threat of war. Unrest amongst global citizens is increasing, whilst the levels of depression and mental health issues are more commonplace even with younger generations. Science is not providing a solution and maybe we need to consider whether our faith is ill-placed?


Is Humanity putting too much Faith in Science by Elle Smith

Why True Love demands complete surrender?

We all appreciate that relationships involve the merger of two individual lives. However, it is seldom considered why true love demands complete surrender, as we hold onto our egos and independence, somehow believing the other person will accept or adapt to our idiosyncrasies. However, this blog article questions whether true love can be achieved, without relinquishing power and allowing full submission to the needs of our partner.

Elle Blog - Why True Love Demands Complete Surrender

10 of the Most Exotic Fruits on the Planet

Indeed, everybody can easily recognize, and obtain an orange, apple, mango or banana with minimal effort. However, have you ever thought of being more adventurous and trying other exotic fruits available in other parts of the world? 

Well, this blog article will introduce you to ten of the most exotic fruits on the planet.


10 of the Most Exotic Fruits on the Planet by Elle Smith

Smart Ideas for Recycling Colouring Books

Most colouring books tend to be single use items, unless you find ones which are informational or even better, educational as well. This blog article offers ways to get more use out of colouring books, including several creative and smart ideas for recycling colouring books.


Smart Ideas for Recycling Colouring Books by Elle Smith of Inspired By Elle

The Truth about Detoxing and its Benefits

There is much chatter about detox this and that, that is hard to work out whether it is more "fake news", or reality biting that we actually need to look after our own health. Clearly, as the title suggests detox of our bodies is now essential given the changes to our environment, food production and lifestyle. Discover what the truth about detoxing and its benefits means to you in this blog article.


The Truth about Detoxing and its Benefits by Elle Smith 

10 Inspirational Poems for People with Cancer

There is no doubt that cancer is one of the most challenging conditions facing whole families and our society in the 21st Century. With the incidence of cancer ever increasing, it is just a matter of time before someone close to us has this illness which deviously challenges life itself. 

Given the delicacy of the situation, as emotional turmoil is stirred not only in the sufferer as they face the unknown, the effects often ripple to everyone around as they struggle with how to be sensitive and yet caring.

The following are ten inspirational poems for those who have cancer. May they bring you joy, peace, and the odd wry smile.


Elle Blog 10 Inspirational Poems for people with Cancer by Elle Smith

How to do a Luxury Detox with Rasul Mud

The ancient ritual of Rhassoul (or Ghassoul in Arabic) dates back to the 8th century, but the benefits of this mud detox and cleanse, are perhaps even more relevant in our modern world. Learn How to do a luxury Detox with Rasul Mud, and bring this spa treatment to your home. Enjoy the rejuvenation of the skin and hair using this natural, mineral-rich clay.


Elle Blog How to do a Luxury Detox with Rasul Mud by Elle Smith

How to write an original love poem

Love poetry conjures images of an impossible task, however in modern times, it is arguably easier than ever for anyone to become a skilled poet, writing heart-wrenching poetry. How to write an original love poem will guide you through the steps of how to master writing those feelings in verse, with a short case study of an actual poem written by Elle Smith.


Elle Blog How to write an original love poem by Elle Smith

Can Fashion Make You Feel Good?

We all recognize the term 'power dressing' but probably do not take time to contemplate the impact of clothing on our mood, and indeed feelings. This blog article considers the question - Can fashion make you feel good? Equally, if it can, then understanding can allow us to maximise those feelings of euphoria when we wear a particular item, or sport a certain shade of colour.

Can fashion make you feel good by Elle Smith Creative Blog

10 Unique Reasons why Mulberry Silk is Eco-Friendly

Silk is often judged in terms of its cost solely and deemed a luxury fabric outside the reach of most of the public. However, maybe the ten unique reasons why mulberry silk is eco-friendly, will highlight why this fabric should be judged for its environmental bonus, and not just for its price tag.


Article - Why Mulberry Silk is Eco-Friendly by Elle Smith of Inspired By Elle

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