In a Natural Sense

This original poem is inspired by the pure force of love, which is something we all struggle to explain to others as to how we are strangely overcome by this explosive energy. Elle Smith's poem 'In a Natural Sense' is a contemporary expression of love in poetry:

Original Love Poem In a Natural Sense by Elle Smith UK


Love Captured on Film

The original poem called 'Love Captured on Film' is not just about missing a person with whom you have been 'in love' over many years. It beautifully depicts the sense and feelings of a love relationship being wrenched apart by life. Elle Smith, who is a poet and artist from London in UK, rhythmically captures the sense of longing for someone in this original poem:

Original Contemporary Poem Love Captured on Film by Elle Smith UK

Whispers of Love

How many of us have been in the position where friends innocently tell us those "Whispers of Love", where they tell us things about someone we still care about? London poet Elle Smith sums up those whispers perfectly in her original poem:


Original Poem Whispers of Love by Elle Smith London poet


My Future Child

This contemporary poem is an interesting concept by Elle Smith in the UK, where she offers advice in an original poem to "My Future Child". This is a difficult challenge for any parent, as the truth is no one can tell what the future will unveil, but this poetry gives reality a punch:

Contemporary Poetry My Future Child by Elle Smith

The Secret Staircase

What if life is actually about us climbing 'The Secret Staircase', where along the way we are taught lessons and offered opportunities. London artist and poet, Elle Smith makes beautiful verse in her original contemporary poem which gives an alternative perspective for the meaning and purpose of life:

The Secret Staircase original poem by Elle Smith UK London poet

Miss You Like Crazy

An emotional, original poem about love as contemporary poet, Elle Smith recalls that 'Miss You Like Crazy' feeling about someone who has touched your soul, and indeed the 'soulmate' which you long to be yours.

Miss You Like Crazy Contemporary Poem by Elle Smith

Angels do come to visit

This Elle Smith original poem called 'Angels Do Come To Visit' is about loss, but moreover to know that the connection to those we lose, simply never fades. Poetry which soothes the soul and gives comfort about missing the people who have slipped away:   

poem angels do come to visit 

Dancing Without You

London artist and poet, Elle Smith evokes those feelings of loneliness of a relationship passed, in this original poem called 'Dancing Without You'. Although, this poetry is about sadness, it is also nostalgic as imagery is conjured like magic:

Dancing Without You Poem

Signs of Hope

This original poem by London poet, Elle Smith is called 'Signs of Hope'. This contemporary poem reminds us that throughout life we always seek 'signs of hope' to somehow give life meaning, to offer explanation of issues and to make a brighter future:

Signs of Hope

My Wonder Woman

This contemporary poem called 'My Wonder Woman' is a gem from London and UK poet, Elle Smith, which the ladies will appreciate is in their honour.

'Imagine meeting a woman who melts you to ice, captivates your soul and with whom you feel anything is possible, maybe you would call her "My Wonder Woman" as this poem does:

My Wonder Woman

What if land

Many people struggle to be motivated away from the later life regrets of "what if" to seizing the moment whilst they are young so they do not miss the opportunity presented before them, this poem tackles this. Elle Smith from the UK captures these sentiments in her original poem "What If Land":
what if land

Broken Promises

London poet and artist, Elle Smith produces a gem in her "Broken Promises' poem. This original poem reminds us of all those broken promises made during relationships, and the impact on the heart feeling somehow deceived by words:

black rose broken heart