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Scared to Say

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London poet and artist Elle Smith has written this original poem to coincide with Valentine's Day as we are often Scared To Say what our true feelings are for someone. It is one thing to experience feelings inside for a love interest, but bearing them out loud means they become published. We all know that this sort of publication is probably the most cherished and heart-breaking at the same time!

Hopefully this original poem will help you to bear that lion heart and no longer be scared to say how you feel. Sometimes, it takes words like those of Elle Smith in poetry to encourage us to act:


Scared to say Original Poem Elle Smith London Poet Inspired By Elle Contemporary Poetry


Scared to Say


How do I tell you

about the way I feel?

I’m so scared to say

what.. you truly mean.


Does it show weakness

to reveal how I pray?

That you will be mine

at the end of the day.


Can affection and intimacy

explain what’s inside?

Each time rather than articulating,

I run away and hide.


Will the day ever come

when my lion heart I bear?

Instead of disappearing

I blurt out

the words

you need

to hear.



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June 10, 2017

I think that Elle helped many people with this poem :) If you feel scared to say how you feel or don’t feel comfortable just send this poem to person you like :) One of the most romantic ways to say that is through the poem :)

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