Whispers of Love


How many of us have been in the position where friends innocently tell us those "Whispers of Love", where they tell us things about someone we still care about? London poet Elle Smith sums up those whispers perfectly in her original poem.

Pride is sometimes a difficult trait to manage especially where relationships are concerned, and we can become entrenched with the very people we care about the most. London poet Elle Smith translates the impact of strong emotions into verse in her original poem 'Whispers of Love', as ultimately we do act quite against the senses when in love:


Original Poem Whispers of Love Contemporary Poetry Elle Smith Inspired By Elle Love Poem


Whispers of Love


Someone whispered

you struggle to sleep.

Missing us together,

just makes you weep.


Someone whispered,

that you cannot eat.

Your soul feels empty,

without me for keeps.


Someone whispered,

you are afraid to call.

Haunted by rejection,

of the past and more.


Someone whispered,

that sometimes you cry.

Inside your pride wallows,

as it wonders why?


I’m shouting out loud,

to conquer your fear.

Just come back to me,

leave the past right there.



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October 27, 2016

Love every part of this post, very eye-opening, I got captivated when I saw whispers of love and to be honest this poem is awesome. I even make sure I have the printed copy of the poem. I must appreciate your effort so far, you are doing a great job…..continue the good work.


October 11, 2016

I love that one so much!!!

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