My Future Child

This contemporary poem is an interesting concept by Elle Smith in the UK, where she offers advice in an original poem to "My Future Child". This is a difficult challenge for any parent, as the truth is no one can tell what the future will unveil, but this poetry gives reality a punch:


Contemporary Poetry My Future Child by Elle Smith original poem


My Future Child


The truth is:

one cannot tell,

what dreams and nightmares,

the future will unveil.

Your life is foretold,

through a veritable plan;

where you get options,

planted in each hand.

Each choice unlocks,

another vast universe.

Inside there are challenges,

for you to traverse.

Future child of mine,

do not fear your mistakes.

Life never comes to us,

‘gifted’ on a silver plate.

You will learn and grow,

despite consequences.

Always have belief in you,

against the cost in raw expenses.

Keep love deeply,

locked within your heart.

This way when things fail,

you will never fall apart.

Maintain honesty and surely trust,

allowing any distractions,

in time to diminish to dust.

A child has the future,

in sight to seize.

This my child,

is the amazing gift,

I freely give,

to thee.


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