What if land

Many people struggle to be motivated away from the later life regrets of "what if" to seizing the moment whilst they are young so they do not miss the opportunity presented before them. This beautiful poem tackles this. Elle Smith from the UK captures these sentiments in her original poem "What If Land":


Original Poem by Elle Smith called What If Land 


What if Land


Here I am

at seventy-two,

lonely realizing

that I miss you.

Time flies fast

when you

are young

in a flash

your life is over

and done.

By accident

I met you

one day.

At last no longer,

I needed to pray.

My soul was filled

with pure delight,

before too long

you were my wife.

You loved me

like breathing

fresh air.

With each gasp

to breathe,

I was there.

We had

those struggles

like you do,

but never a day

did you seem blue.

Each challenge

was tackled,

like riding

a roaring wave.

We had sunshine,

yet.. there was rain,

I never perceived

you in such pain.


some wonderful times,

your loss is enormous

I cannot deny.

‘What if’

I had not

seized that chance

thirty seconds

to convince you

to dance.

You said ‘WHY not!!’

without a second thought

as wholeheartedly

in to me

you bought.

I learned a lesson

with others

I want to share,

What if land

is filled

with many

a tear.


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