What if land


Many people struggle to be motivated away from the later life regrets of "what if" to seizing the moment whilst they are young so they do not miss the opportunity presented before them. This beautiful poem tackles this. Elle Smith from the UK captures these sentiments in her original poem "What If Land":


Original Poem by Elle Smith called What If Land 


What if Land


Here I am

at seventy-two,

lonely realizing

that I miss you.

Time flies fast

when you

are young

in a flash

your life is over

and done.

By accident

I met you

one day.

At last no longer,

I needed to pray.

My soul was filled

with pure delight,

before too long

you were my wife.

You loved me

like breathing

fresh air.

With each gasp

to breathe,

I was there.

We had

those struggles

like you do,

but never a day

did you seem blue.

Each challenge

was tackled,

like riding

a roaring wave.

We had sunshine,

yet.. there was rain,

I never perceived

you in such pain.


some wonderful times,

your loss is enormous

I cannot deny.

‘What if’

I had not

seized that chance

thirty seconds

to convince you

to dance.

You said ‘WHY not!!’

without a second thought

as wholeheartedly

in to me

you bought.

I learned a lesson

with others

I want to share,

What if land

is filled

with many

a tear.


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5 Responses


October 06, 2016

What a sweet poem. I was expecting a sad poem and was pleasantly surprised. Excellent work, I wish I could write poems this good!

Andrea Robinson
Andrea Robinson

October 03, 2016

Aw, this bittersweet poem is so reflective of what we actually go through in life. Grasp your joyful moments while you can, because nothing in this world will last forever. I love the feeling of this poem, because although the couple did seize the opportunity, everything passes away eventually. Can we embrace loss without being bitter?

My friend and creative collaborator passed away recently. I know he’s in a better place, but I also know he’s not here where I can reach out and touch him. His music lives on, and I’ll cherish the chance to work and laugh with this soul forever, but there’s no getting around the finality of losing a friend. Over time, you just get used to it.


October 02, 2016

We all do it. Ask the ‘what if’ question of ourselves. I know I have. I’ve asked what if I had said yes, instead of no. I’d be married. Probably have children. Perhaps not have served in the military. Where would I be if… but I don’t like those what if questions beyond a general life assessment. Life is about choices. We make good ones and bad ones. We learn from our bad choices to make our good choices even better. I have zero regrets in the choices I’ve made. And to be honest, I have little regret from the bad choices. They are all what make up the ME. And as it stands here and now – I like me. Elle, you’re an amazing poet. Keep doing what you are doing. Your poetry is inspirational and thought-provoking.

Elle Smith
Elle Smith

August 13, 2016

Thank you so, so much for this WONDERFUL comment and validation that I did capture the feelings. I am chuffed that this poem has resonated with you in such a personal way. Your love affair is amazing and demonstrates this poem perfectly :)

Abbott Brush
Abbott Brush

August 13, 2016

Ok, I think this might be Elle’s finest poem (but perhaps that’s because I’m new to this site). This poem owns me. Don’t you love it when a brilliant author can shove her hand in your chest rip your heart out, throw it on the ground, stomp it, and say … that’s reality boy! Deal wih it! 44 years ago I met the most brilliant beautiful woman on earth. She nearly dropped to my knees in worship. I had a rule , if you ask a woman out 3 times and she says no, you’re bugging. Never ask again. I asked this 16 yr old girl out for 5 months. I Carped that Diem. FINALLY she said yes. And six weeks later she agreed to marry me. I didn’t Carpe that Diem. I freaking slayed it. And then … 42 years in heaven. Thank you God. And then, one last heartbeat in my arms l. Now I know what Hell is. This poem resonates. All of Elle’s poems resonate. Elle can bring it! Read her work and enrich your life. Hey Elle, it’s ok. Thank you for the tears. Otium Diem.

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