In a Natural Sense

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This original poem is inspired by the pure force of love, which is something we all struggle to explain to others as to how we are strangely overcome by this explosive energy. Elle Smith's poem 'In a Natural Sense' is a contemporary expression of love in poetry:


In a Natural Sense Original Poem Elle Smith Inspired By Elle Contemporary Poetry


In a Natural Sense


What is nature,

if not surreal?

It simply begins

without any force

or even care.

Something magical

minus crazy stunts,

or breathtaking tricks.

You watch growth

reach heights abound.

This internal force

pure magnitude is

just like a nuclear bolt.

It dramatically erupts

like a volcano in flux

spilling molten

pieces everywhere.

All these things

I imagine as your love

disturbing my heart

breathlessly taking

my world apart.


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November 22, 2016

Love is so hard to explain, but still we want to explain it. I think love is nothing we need to understand. We just have to accept it and let it go trough our body and soul. Love is a very important part of us.

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