My Wonder Woman

This contemporary poem called 'My Wonder Woman' is a gem from London and UK poet, Elle Smith, which the ladies will appreciate is in their honour.

Just imagine meeting a woman who melts you to ice, captivates your soul and with whom you feel anything is possible, maybe you would call her "My Wonder Woman" as this original poem does:

Original Poem by Elle Smith called My Wonder Woman


My Wonder Woman


This girl is a diamond,

she shines so bright.

A wine of distinction,

flavoured with delight.

She’s so beautiful, 

from inside out.

Her lips are delicious,

yet always in pout.

Her mind is endless,

with life galore.

What more could I ask for?

Irresistible to adore.

Each day I ponder,

why she chose to be mine.

Amazed I wonder,

maybe it’s her mind.

She is a goddess,

this sweet lady of mine.

I wish I could share,

her wisdom and grace.

Truth is.. I’m selfish,

so sharing has no place!


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