Love Captured on Film

The original poem called 'Love Captured on Film' is not just about missing a person with whom you have been 'in love' over many years. It beautifully depicts the sense and feelings of a love relationship being wrenched apart by life. Elle Smith, who is a poet and artist from London in UK, rhythmically captures the sense of longing for someone in this original poem:


Original Poem of Love Captured on Film By Elle Smith Love Poetry


Love Captured on Film


You and me in that photograph,

time paused as each to the other we glanced.

Funny how the camera never lies,

as even then I could see the glint in your eyes.


I kept that photo locked safely away,

waiting for your return each and every day.

Thinking if I wished it and prayed with all my heart,

surely destiny would not keep us apart.


I guess over the years life took its toll,

as even your image started to look old.

Wrinkles appeared and your pallor grew feint,

as carrying you with me everywhere was a heavy wait.


Christmas was simply the loneliest time,

without you there to share the magic and wine.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks to years,

that photo started to fade as you disappeared.


No longer could I bear watching you slip away,

into a box out of sight I tossed that photo one day.

Little did I realize the photo froze with a smile,

as later you returned to keep me beguiled.



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