Signs of Hope

This original poem by London poet, Elle Smith is called 'Signs of Hope'. This contemporary poem reminds us that throughout life we always seek 'signs of hope' to somehow give life meaning, to offer explanation of issues and to make a brighter future:


Original Poem called Signs of Hope by Elle Smith Contemporary Poetry


Signs of Hope


Hope is like a shot of light,

traversing the Universe.

Lighting up the solar system,

giving sunshine here on Earth.


Hope is the knowledge,

your soul mate is out there.

Waiting for the right moment,

when together you can share.


Hope is the first heartbeat,

of your future child.

Informing all life is perfect,

by taking a gasp of air.


Hope is like two tiny raindrops,

trickling on a window ledge.

Joining together into one,

flowing to the ocean in the end.


Hope is a tiny seedling,

 sprouting a brand new leaf.

Bursting out of nothing,

to show how vegetation begins.


Hope is each of these signs,

being awoken in one man,

with knowledge of these beginnings,

War and conflict,

will be done.


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