The Secret Staircase

What if life is actually about us climbing 'The Secret Staircase', where along the way we are taught lessons and offered opportunities? Challenging the choices that some will make of experiences over people, as they contemplate the importance of each in the grand scale of things.

London artist and poet, Elle Smith makes beautiful verse in her original contemporary poem, which gives an alternative perspective for the meaning and purpose of life. 

This original poem contains some beautiful and reflective thoughts, which will linger in the mind for some time after reading this verse. Poetry that is inspirational about the path of life, as it transcends the journey we all unwittingly take, whilst not knowing which doors will unlock happiness or sadness. 


Original poem The Secret Staircase Elle Smith Contemporary poetry


The Secret Staircase


Someone once told me

of a secret staircase.

We are taught to ascend,

from the moment of birth.

Readily we choose,

all others to forget,

desperately clinging,

to whatever living

we can get.

Zero to infinity,

is where we all go.

Some with more worries,

to daily forego.

Those stairs are paved,

with golden threads,

things and opportunity,

collected instead.

Live this life well.

Respect all who care.

Love until it is too much,

for your heart to bear.

Today, tomorrow,

whenever the time comes,

make sure your life,

is beautifully presented,

and moreover

well done.


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