Angels do come to visit

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This Elle Smith original poem called 'Angels Do Come To Visit' is about loss, but moreover to know that the connection to those we lose, simply never fades. Poetry which soothes the soul and gives comfort about missing the people who have slipped away:


Original poem about angels and death Angels Do Come to Visit by Elle Smith


Angels do come to visit


We all lose people from time to time,

it never means they fade from your mind.

The memories of the way they were,

of random words they said,

lie deep within,

Even though they are dead.


You may not realize or want to know,

that they come to visit, when you are low.

They stand quietly beside,

and watch with care,

lovingly observing;

Yet no one knows they are there.


Angel’ may not be the best word,

We sense something untoward,

a warm, gentle dove.

You know they are there,

as invisibly you are wrapped in love.


An angel visited me last night,

I have to say it gave me quite a fright.

It’s scary when you don’t know.

Who goes there?

and touches your soul.

I hope this gives you comfort, now you know.


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October 03, 2016

The connection with my grandmother has never faded either. I like to believe that she is my angel. This is such a touching and emotional poem. I can’t wait to read more from you!!

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