Blindness in what I see

It is easy to question whether our busy lives, distractions like social media and growing life angsts, are making us less caring. Maybe you are now wondering whether there are "Blindness in What I See" sentiments, in your own life. Often, it is not until things disappear or are near extinction, that we appreciate what their loss truly means to us.

This original poem considers the world at large, from humanity to the fragile planet we call home, and considers whether we care enough, and are grateful for what we are blessed with.


Blindness in what I see


 Blindness in what I see by Elle Smith A Poem A Day inspired by Elle Smith


I did not get to see it,

was it really there?

Others told me it existed,

that people used to care.

We live on a planet,

with beauty in many forms.

The eyes used to see this,

valuing innocence forlorn.

I saw dinosaurs in a movie,

yet once they tread the earth.

Today they are only relics,

of bones, dust and dirt.

We all end in up as ashes,

the path there is the key.

Some have paths are easier,

even dignified to see.

I want to wake each day,

with eyes full of visions,

of land, creatures and sea.

Never blind, to the oceans, of possibility.




We hope that you have enjoyed he original poem, "Blindness in What I See" by Elle Smith, which offers reflection and appreciation of life and the planet on which we live.

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