Love Crumbs

We all love to believe in the fairytale that you will one day meet your perfect partner. The reality is that the path to true love is not always a fairytale, and sometimes it involves patience, time and even determination to leave "Love Crumbs" for our one, true love to find.

This original poem by Elle Smith describes how life can place challenges in the path of love, often sending other potential partners to in fact, highlight the qualities and attributes we indeed seek, in our ultimate partner. 

Many people still believe that love and relationships are straightforward, and it is often these relationships that fall to the sidelines. However, life is increasingly challenging and relationships change over time, so understanding this and knowing that effort is required to guide your partner, is still an understated quality. 

We hope that you enjoy the realistic and thought-provoking poem, Love Crumbs:


Love Crumbs


A Poem A Day Love Crumbs by Elle Smith of Inspired By Elle Blog


I remembered every word, 

when you asked me to wait.

Time can be cruel and challenging

as it teams creatively with fate.

 Each day my love is tested, 

as my thoughts of you negate.




You said the ultimate validation,

of true love, comes down to time. 

Genuine love and affection,

never has a clock to chime. 

It keeps sturdy in rocky waters, 

as many suitors come and go.




You asked for little messages 

to keep our love alive. 

I laid down several breadcrumbs,

for you, to me, to find. 

Please keep on finding them,

until you eat the crumb that binds.



 The author of this poem, Elle Smith writes contemporary poetry which is both stylish and beautiful. Elle's first poetry collection, The Way Back Home, was published in December 2017 and uses poems to story tell the journey from victim to victor of a woman facing life-changing challenges.

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