A Palette of Colour

Maybe using a "Palette of Colour" to view the world in a creative and artistic manner, could put paid to the struggles we face?

Look to the first line of this poem, where we apply happiness to inject positivity, something which always helps when there are struggle or difficulties. Often when starting from a place of negativity, our innermost fears take control and we allow self-defeat to eliminate various options without consideration.

Colour can be very emotive, even indeed with the skin colour of our populations around the globe. What if we had colour blindness with regards to skin colour? Surely, many prejudices and indifference would disappear overnight. How amazing would this be!!!

Read this original poem with sunshine and hope, and maybe it will inspire you to see the world with fresh eyes and with ways to improve our existence.



Palette of Colour


A Palette pf Colour A Poem A Day by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle


I paint the world,

with a smiley face.

Sunshine gleams,

cold ice melts.

The grass is green,

fertile and pure,

Water is everywhere,

pollution no more.

Cruelty removed,

towards the beasts.

Religions are equal,

as are all beliefs.

Colour as in race,

is no longer seen.

People know love,

The world is happy,

as ever it’s been.

Creativity added,

our planet is safe.




Elle Smith writes original poetry on many topics, which touch the everyday population from love poems to world problems, you will find a great selection in the "A Poem A Day' blog on this website.

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