We Took Back The Clock

Many of us have been touched by cancer, if not directly but through friends or relatives who have been delivered this dreaded diagnosis which literally turns lives upside down.

Despite all the advances with science and indeed medicine, cancer is still in the top ten terminal illnesses in the world. We battle and support each other against the various forms of this disease, and with each day acquire greater knowledge of how to treat cancer.

This original poem "We Took Back The Clock" is written to inspire us all to do just that, to turn back the increasing numbers  of diagnosed sufferers and increase the numbers of survivors, until one day we eradicate cancer fully.


We Took Back The Clock


A Poem A Day We Took Back The Clock by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle


Silently you arrived just like a fox,

a twentieth century monster who never knocks.

You visit the young and old alike,

filling them with fear and anxiety about their plight.

Your tentacles are like sneaky spiders,

antagonizing loved ones, family and all insiders.

Even now you send chills up my spine,

as you will know this poem is written with you in mind.

Why do you come with such haste?

numbing the senses and eliminating taste.

Destroying that which God gives life,

causing havoc and misery to those who need no strife.

Life is too precious to ever bow down,

you will not win as science holds your crown.



We hope that you have enjoyed this burst of poetry to inspire hope and support those affected by cancer. Please click here to read another blog article with ten inspirational poems for cancer sufferers.

This poem was written by Elle Smith on 8 May 2016, but was misplaced over the years, please let us know whether this has brought comfort to you, or resonated with someone you know, as it is always great to have feedback.

Thank you.


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