Relativity of the Strong

Relativity of the Strong is  a powerful and reflective piece of poetry which turns the theory of relativity upside down, as this original poem looks at moral standards and the importance of the strong in relation to various aspects of our lives. Elle Smith delivers a punch of the worth of those with tenacity and strength in our society for the greater good of humanity. 


A Poem A Day Relativity of the Strong by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle London Original Contemporary Poetry


Relativity of the Strong


Many a challenge they will face,

shoulders broad to bear the weight.

The strong have friends just a few,

as wasting time they never do.

Standing tall come rain or shine,

they never wilt the storms of time.

Senses acutely tuned to the world,

brute force against all wrongs.

A love of life always on their mind,

hearing cries of the weak and poor.

They are those who are the strong,

protecting the lonely and divided.

Facing turmoil and fighting hate,

words pronounced with fists out straight.

Lovingly they surrender all their will,

helping others despite the shrills.

Cherishing another before self-pride,

from injustice unwilling to ever hide.

They are the ones who truly pray,

in the hope for better days.

Hurting deep inside,

they never hide,

facing tragedy head on.

The strong may in numbers

be a few,

but God bless their deeds

for me and

for you.


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