Unfinished Business

Time is a moving and changing force, which sometimes we despair as to whether we will ever get into sync with it's chime. The same applies to love and relationships, sometimes the time is not right for love, and we have to leave "Unfinished Business" in the love department for another day, or another time completely.

Many of us have heard the saying 'you have to kiss a few frogs, before you find your Prince', but maybe this humorous quote is not given enough weighting. It may take us experiencing life, relationships and just growth in order to appreciate our one true love?

This piece of poetry is an original poem by Elle Smith, who writes contemporary on a number of themes - Please enjoy!


Unfinished Business


Unfinished Business by Elle Smith A Poem A Day inspired by Elle Smith


The earth stood still,

as back in time I traced,

to memories of first seeing your face.

Our love did not arrive in a rush,

instead quietly smouldered,

not needing or giving too much.

I knew you were different,

sheer completeness was felt.

Simple satisfaction,

not awkward or intense.

Each moment with you,

was like astounding bliss.

Time being frozen, as gently we kissed.

We made passionate love,

throughout the night,

falling asleep together,

with no need for respite.

Those memories cannot be erased,

this love affair simply must be replayed.




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