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Monsters in the Room

This a reflective, contemporary poem about the multiple personalities that we all exhibit as human beings. Often reserved for psychology and psychiatry, we mostly perceive the thin line between mental health issues to be much more remote from our lives. However, Elle Smith tackles this inner torture in her original poem 'Monsters in the Room', which delicately shows us that life places many pressures and challenges on individuals. This poetry is thought-provoking in a positive way, as to how we cope with such matters.


Monsters in the Room


Original poem Monsters in the Room by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle Contemporary Poetry A Poem A Day


I’m looking in the mirror

what do I truly see?

Prototypes and models,

of different persons

living inside of me.


I want to rid my mind

of the trauma in my soul.

Things and differences

preventing me

from ever being whole.


A lifetime as a slave,

indoctrinating my brain.

Fear and deception,

given magnitude

and too much fame.


Watching others in society

routinely playing the game.

People watching is tragic

as it magnifies

the retrospective blame.


Why cannot man appreciate,

a woman, a child, the person.

Instead of skin, religion and race

or the true value of

humanity by its name.


We live as a society

with monsters in the room.

Often the only remedy

is a total reset

with the strike

of a broom.



 Elle Smith tackles contemporary themes and issues with her poetry, and if you have enjoyed 'Monsters in the Room', then maybe you will equally enjoy some of the other poems in the 'A Poem A Day' blog.


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