Invisible Footprint

It is often hard to imagine that our actions have consequences far-reaching than we imagine. Well, this contemporary original poem Invisible Footprint by creative Elle Smith, allows you to pause for a moment to think about the footprints we seemingly leave on the planet in terms of pollution, damage to the ecosystem, loss of endangered species and climate change. Hopefully, if we collectively pause to consider the consequences we will all interact with the planet in a more meaningful way.


Invisible Footprint


Contemporary Original Poem Invisible Footprint by Elle Smith Creative and Poet at Inspired By Elle A poem A Day Poetry Blog


My words reverberate,

I must pause before I say.

They have impact and meaning,

they crystalize in shape.

People act on those words,

behaving a certain way.

Powerful and challenging,

they ripple like the waves.

I reach out to touch,

making senses come to life.

Hands are actually organ grinders,

a multitude of tasks they perform.

The world’s greatest movies,

as many an actor is born.

Our deeds are always noticed,

intangibly they entwine.

One random act another moulds,

in life cannot be denied.

We all take the same path,

leading from cradle to grave.

Those impressions left behind,

as an invisible footprint is made.


We hope that you enjoyed Invisible Footprint, and given the planet and its ecosystems are so important, we created a video interpretation of this poetry. Please click here to view this video on the Inspired By Elle YouTube Channel.



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