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Love Me Back

Imagine if one poem could capture those feelings when you heart has been ripped in two by unrequited love. This stunning original poem perfectly titled as 'Love Me Back' does exactly that. It is never an easy topic when feelings and emotions are not reciprocated; however this contemporary poetry is the perfect way to explain this type of hurt and upset.


A Poem A Day Love Me Back by Elle Smith of Inspired By Ell


Love Me Back


How can you love someone,

when they don’t love you back?

Unrequited love is really cruel,

as always, we allow them, to act the fool.

Some wounds just grow even deeper,

no matter what is said or done.

It hurts when they ignore you,

their heart eagerly you try to win.

You cannot help to whom you fall.

Love always chooses when to begin.

The chosen never really understand,

as your devotion they cannot return.

One-sided love is very painful,

shredding you relentlessly inside.

The ability to love like this is a blessing,

from which no one should ever hide.



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