A Right Time to Die

We are all familiar with the Benjamin Franklin quote:  

“Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

Well, we all must eventually succumb to death, and this original poem 'A Right Time To Die' by Elle Smith explores in a humorous, contemporary piece of poetry the battle to remain alive whilst in the clutches of death.


A Right Time to Die


Original Poem A Right Time To Die by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle Poetry Blog A Poem A Day featuring contemporary poetry


No time to hide.

No time to think.

The life inside me,

was no longer pink.

I saw it coming,

and tried to run.

Oh that feeling..

is not much fun.

My mind at first,

was filled with fear,

realizing IT was near.

I knew my lifetime,

was somehow up.

Inside my feelings

said ‘this just sucks’.

I didn’t really want to go,

so I clung on,

with all I know.

Death cannot take you,

unless you give up the fight,

and so I battled,

throughout the night.

He tried to trick me,

with warmth and light.

Recognizing his tactics,

I said ‘tonight’s not the night!’

He tried to seize upon my soul

resisting the pull

I tried to stay whole.

I saw the doctors

as I looked down.

All their faces grimaced

that hope was out.

They called my name,

to snatch me back,

as all my functions,

had begun to slack.

I heard their chants

as I floated out the room.

Quickly coming back

today was not my doom.

A single memory did the trick,

saving me right on the brink.

People needed me to stay,

today was not mine

to slip away.




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