Any change


Being homeless is a state of affairs that many of us cannot imagine, but the perception and pleas for help may become lost in translation. This original, contemporary poem by London artist and poet, Elle Smith is called 'Any Change' and it certainly paints another perspective on homelessness:


Contemporary Original Poem about Homelessness called Any Change by Elle Smith Inspired By Elle


Any Change


This wasn’t always

the reality of me.

Don’t believe what at first

you think you see.

Life can deal

bum cards to us all.

Leaving you sometimes

feeling forlorn.

Each day I ‘wander’

without much hope.


Any change for a coffee

or even a smoke.


The streets are never

an easy place.

Filled with inequality

and too much heartache.

We have much in common

you and me.

Both coming from

decent, loving family.

Some days I feel shame

about where I’m at.

Then quickly realize

that’s matter, not fact.


Any change for a bed

or even

a roof

over my head.


This is all that’s needed

when all is said.

Mobility from poverty

is like climbing a wall.

It’s easy to slip

when not equipped for a fall.

This feeling of isolation

is like fractured ice.

Cutting both ways

with apprehension and bias.

Assumption that you want

money for ‘dope’.

The only dream I have

is to get back hope.


Any change

is all..

that I ask for

and pray.

To make my life better

at the end of the day.


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3 Responses


April 16, 2017

I loved the deep thought and amazing vocabulary put into this piece. It really went into detail and I love the writing style


October 06, 2016

Wow what a very insightful poem. I enjoyed the clever use of similes throughout the poem. Something I don’t see too often is original poetry so It’s nice to stop by here and see something very inspirational giving perspective to a different affair.


September 29, 2016

Very nice poem. It offered a very different and insightful perspective. I also enjoy writing it really helps me to ease my mind and find clarity. One thing I’ve learned about life is that we have more control over our lives than we may think. We are all spiritual beings in human bodies. Our thoughts create our reality. ~ Namaste

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