Social Intelligence - Is it a Vital Skill for our leaders?


There is much talk about different intellectual skills for our leaders, and social intelligence is emerging as a new buzz concept.

social intelligence

New Artistic Website is finally here!

The new website is complete and the creativity of Elle Smith now has an artistic and creative home.

new website inspired by elle artist creative

Designing a Gift Box for Something Beautifully Creative

Love is truly in the air

BREXIT - Truly shows no man is an island!

"The path from love to hate..."

"The path from love to hate..."

"If you cannot say something nice, then don't say anything at all!"

"If you cannot say something nice, then don't say anything at all!"

Positivity breeds goodness

New animal artwork - Coming Soon

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Colours are inspiring & powerful on our lives!

How To Compile The Best Bucket List for 2016

Every year at this time people reflect on the year in closing, with plans to improve their life in the coming year. Many compile a Bucket List of things that they wish to do. However, I have found that whenever I compile a list of actual things then they never pan out exactly as I wish. I guess that is the danger of raising expectations. There are many places and pursuits that I would like to encounter and experience. However, I wondered whether the detail was where I was going wrong, and if I planned loosely whether I would achieve all of those wishes.

Ultimately, I would like my Bucket List to inspire enjoyment and fulfilment in my life, so I have compiled goals rather than events. I want to look back next December and realize that I achieved, so here we go ..

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