Conservation is working - Giant Panda is no longer endangered

Yesterday it was announced that after 50 years of conservation work the Giant Panda is no longer an endangered species. Inspired By Elle is proud to celebrate with WWF, as their work has clearly been instrumental in achieving this goal. The Giant Panda is still considered "vulnerable" to extinction, but the "endangered" status has been removed given the increase in numbers of this species.

giant panda happy no longer endangered

Elle Smith achieves Third place in Poetry Contest

It was just announced that Elle Smith's poem 'Angels Do Come to Visit' achieved Third place in the 2016 Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest. The category of this achievement was 'It Happened One Night'.

Third Place Winner Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest

Why are Milestones like 60K important?

Earlier today, the Inspired By Elle Facebook page, hit a mammoth 60,000 likes. I know I say it each time, that we reach a milestone but it is like a never-ending story as the social media following of my art and poetry increases. It is important, very important in fact, as it signals that I am heading in the right direction. It is also for me humbling that I can hold the attention of so many people, and that they like what I am about and what I do.

Inspired By Elle thank you

What can we learn from the life of Princess Diana?

I think there are many life lessons to take from Diana's life as I will demonstrate in this short blog post. Princess Diana may not have been a traditional blue blood, however she certainly shook up the royalty in the United Kingdom in an unprecedented way. There are some who will have negative viewpoints about her, but mine is all positive as I demonstrate we can all learn from her short-lived 36 years. 

Fairytale Princess Oil Painting


Watch the Boy on the Beach painting come to life

I am quite shy so I don't like people watching me paint as art paintings, especially portraits go through many layers, before they actually look realistic. The more layers in fact, then the more realistic the features and skin will look: 
The Boy on the Beach

What relevance has food to art inspiration?

What relevance does food have to art inspiration?

Strange though it may seem my art inspiration was being drawn from food yesterday, as I was taken on a roller coaster trip reminiscing down memory lane. It all happened when I had a memory of "Manchester Tart". Many of you will probably be thinking "What is Manchester Tart?"

Manchester Tart  

Where does Art Inspiration come from?

We all look at art and are amazed by the talent of the particular artist. However, Elle Smith, after being fascinated by her own art inspiration, will now investigate what inspires great art paintings.

art inspiration

Two rare endangered Amur Leopard Cubs born at Twycross Zoo

Well, there is some news that is always welcome and this is especially so, as the Amur Leopard is a critically endangered species with only about 70 in Russia and China. This is why I was inspired to create an Amur cub in one of my animal oil paintings.

amur leopard cub endangered

Social Intelligence - Is it a Vital Skill for our leaders?

There is much talk about different intellectual skills for our leaders, and social intelligence is emerging as a new buzz concept.

social intelligence

New Artistic Website is finally here!

The new website is complete and the creativity of Elle Smith now has an artistic and creative home.

new website inspired by elle artist creative

Designing a Gift Box for Something Beautifully Creative

Love is truly in the air

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