Why are Milestones like 60K important?

Earlier today, the Inspired By Elle Facebook page, hit a mammoth 60,000 likes. I know I say it each time, that we reach a milestone but it is like a never-ending story as the social media following of my art and poetry increases. It is important, very important in fact, as it signals that I am heading in the right direction. It is also for me humbling that I can hold the attention of so many people, and that they like what I am about and what I do.

First Steps

We can all remember those first ventures in life, when we did something amazing. The euphoric feelings engulf you when you pass a milestone, no matter how small or large that actually is. The reason - well, maybe it is as simple as self-esteem or self-worth. Achieving a milestone gives us a measure of how we are doing, and how others view us. Even though we should never live our lives for acceptance by others, we do live in a society where we interact and nothing is more pleasing than earning the respect of your peers for achievement.


Milestones are a great way to navigate yourself through life, otherwise you could waste time pointlessly or simply exist. Life will goals allows us to have a clear direction of our efforts, and even a timescale to achieve whatever is our target. Some argue that working to constant targets is pressure, however I believe it depends on how this approached. Goals never need to be enormous or set in stone, rather if they are realistically achievable and flexible, then they can adapt with unexpected events without  those feelings of failure should there be delays. Personally, I always like to operate to a two-tier system of long-term and short-term goals, with the latter as milestones to the bigger long-term goals. This gives a constant boost as you can regular feel a sense of meeting targets, whilst working away at those long-terms goals too.


I love meeting milestones as it validates as it offers a huge pat on the back. Equally, it is the best inspiration and motivation for future work, as the boost to achieve even more in the future. I liken it to driving on the motorway, and as the cat's eyes light up, you are able to travel further and further on your journey!

Thank you everyone for the support that you continue to show me with my art paintings, poetry, fashion, cooking and other creative ventures. It is a great inspiration to know that 60,000 people are tuned into what you are doing.



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