Elle Smith achieves Third place in Poetry Contest

It was just announced that Elle Smith's poem 'Angels Do Come to Visit' achieved Third place in the 2016 Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest. The category of this achievement was 'It Happened One Night'.

Third Place Winner Voices of Lincoln Poetry Contest

POETRY – Teardrops

Teardrops A teardrop is rich, as many a feeling it contains. It is telling the world, in your heart there is rain. ~~~ My tears were shed, as in acute pain was I, unable to bear anymore, I started to cry. ~~~ The departure of love, drives you over the edge. Reason departs, while fear […]

POEM – Friendship

We giggled the whole summer through, because you get me, like I get you. We got into so many scrapes it was sheer fun. You had my back each time I had to run. We shared our adventures and secrets alike, The tears, the laughter, everything was alright. We had a secret code that no-one […]

POEM – The Conflict Tree

The Conflict Tree  Differences are actually interesting. they mean we are unique. Each one of us is special, in a multitude of ways. A rich man may own a Rolls Royce, a poor man just a Ford; but that doesn’t pose a problem, as out there it’s a great big world. These differences can make […]

POEM in French

“Connecté” ~~~ Je suis moi; mais ma raison d’être, ceci est difficile à expliquer. ~~~ Je suis lié, Pour beaucoup de gens. Une partie du passé, d’autres à l’avenir . ~~~ Je suis compliqué. Chaque chance dans ma vie, me donne la possibilité de grandir. ~~~ Je suis bien informé. Je sens les choses dans […]