Designing a Gift Box for Something Beautifully Creative

I know that people say "the devil is in the detail" and it truly is.

In my opinion receiving a gift is not just about whatever I am given, but the whole experience. Let me it is somewhat nicer if say you are treated to your favourite restaurant for a lovely meal, and then to be presented with your gift later. It becomes the icing on the cake, as you feel really special given the effort placed on the arrangements.

I wanted to do the some with the products that I create for this website, so that it was all about the whole experience. I decided to design a box for my artwork to achieve this. I did try to find a box already in the marketplace, but they were just not good enough.

It becomes complicated well when are working from nothing, however, it also means you have a totally blank canvas to work with. It was words that came to mind to form my design - like elegance, sophistication, clean. It had to be a white box, with a traditional lid made of solid cardboard to keep the contents safe. Equally, if presented with a box of this stature, it raises the anticipation as to what is inside.

White was a smart choice as it also contrasts very well with my logo colours, of turquoise and aqua. I realized that I could have the box lined, so I added this to the list. Finally, it had to say who I am, so I decided to buy a press of my logo, so it could be embossed on to the lid in silver foil.

The result is a stunning do you receive a gift in one of these!

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