Where does Art Inspiration come from?

art inspiration

We all look at art and are amazed by the talent of the particular artist. However, Elle Smith, after being fascinated by her own art inspiration, will now investigate what inspires great art paintings.

We are all inspired by certain things, experiences or even thoughts. Art is no different as it can be inspired by a multitude of things, and even time. London artist, Elle Smith, will seek to understand and explain what events shape the creative mind. She will examine the effect that memories have on creativity, and whether art is inspired by one or many things. The natural progression will then be to try to understand how they affect the artist as they paint.

Elle hopes to address whether there is a correlation between positive experiences and beautiful art, and whether dark art is created when exposed to unpleasant or traumatic events. Time may often play a part in this equation, so consideration will be given as to whether better art is created when art is composed over a lengthy period, or are some artists skilled enough to create deeply evocative pieces in no time at all.

These investigations and articles should prove very interesting to understand whether moving forward futuristically as to whether given these insights, could true art ever be produced by computers. Humanity possess emotional intelligence and empathy which are skills which artificial intelligence is yet to master.

We hope to address the following:

  • Can food inspire art?
  • Does the past play a significant part in art inspiration?
  • Can adverse experiences result in an artist creating dark art?
  • Can beautiful art inspire a place of escape from pain, stress or a traumatic past?
  • Whether real art can be inspired in a short period of time?
  • Whether words can inspire meaningful art?
  • The role played by emotions in art?
  • How much significance does time have on art inspiration?
  • Can 'people" inspire an artist to compose a painting?
  • Whether self-inspiration is a reality?

This research promises to be very interesting as Elle Smith will use her own creative process as compared to historic contemporaries to try to answer what gives the creative that art inspiration.


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