Why Motivational Quotes Are Important for Everyone


Many of us resort to reading a motivational or inspirational quote to spur us on, ‘when the going gets tough’. Many of these pithy quotes have ended up becoming celebrated components of society’s vocabulary.  Everyone, at some point in life needs some kind of inspiration if we are to keep on moving forward.  Motivational quotes provide us with a quick and timely burst of wisdom to get our focus back, offering the inspiration needed for the day or occasion.


Why Motivational Quotes are Important for Everyone by Elle Smith

13 Exquisite Ways to Wear a Luxury Silk Scarf


Could there really be 13 exquisite ways to wear a luxury silk scarf, which would make you stand out from the crowd and rock like a goddess?

Well, the answer is a unanimous yes, as we have them all listed below with diagrams and instructions, so you can achieve that sophisticated look. There is no point in purchasing a luxury scarf, then not knowing how to wear that accessory for maximum exposure. One luxury scarf is worth ten cheaper ones, as it will last the test of time, but if you choose carefully to match your wardrobe, you can wear it in untold ways without people around you realizing that it is same accessory.


Thirteen Exquisite Ways to Wear a Luxury Silk Scarf

How to ensure truth wins in the battle of Internet versus Books

Many of us may not have considered this topic; however in plain sight, there is a battle of truth in play between the Internet and books. The written word of books and literature has a degree of permanence and stability, whereas the words within the world wide web, or Internet, have transience and issues of access. 

How to ensure truth wins in battle of Internet versus Books by Elle Smith

10 Inspirational ways to Relax


There is no doubt that we live in a very stressful world, where time is at a premium so it is very difficult to take time out to relax. This list provides some inspirational ways to achieve that state of bliss we all seek:


Article Inspirational Ways to Relax by Elle Smith

Best Carnivals - Top Three Events In The World

Well, as I am reliably informed there are only three carnivals in the world that form the list of Best Carnivals in the World. They are Rio de Janeiro, Trinidad and Tobago and finally Notting Hill in London. Thus far, I have only achieved my local one in Notting Hill; in the UK, but the other two are definitely on my Bucket List of things to do.

Best Carnivals in World Rio De Janeiro Trinidad and Tobago Notting Hill by Elle Smith 

In a World Under Threat from Robotics and Automation


We naturally tend to be apprehensive when reading or hearing the news about the imminent takeover by robots and algorithms, which eliminate jobs for human workers. Often the first examples of jobs at risk are blue-collar factory workers, service sector staff and taxi drivers. You will mentally pat yourself on the back because you think your white-collar job is not under threat from robotics, and automation:

Article - In a World under threat from Robots and automation by Elle Smith

Mental Health: The Line between Happiness and Sadness

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Many of us do not understand mental health, and let's face it - the media does not tend to paint pictures that conjure anything but fear on this topic. However, we should empathize and place ourselves in the shoes of someone experiencing these challenges. I think we will then appreciate what a scary place it truly is, when suffering experience mental health issues:

Article - Mental Health: Line between Happiness and Sadness

How to be a Fashion Trendsetter


A fashion trendsetter is someone who looks at fashion as an artistic form. You will need a creative eye, which is in tune with colour blends. It is vital that any potential fashion trendsetter is knowledgeable of current fashion trends, with great skills at acquiring a stylish wardrobe, capable of attracting a plethora of compliments.

How to be a Fashion Trendsetter 

The Silent Voice of Women

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It is quite telling that October has passed with low key publicity of National Domestic Violence Awareness. Maybe it demonstrates the silent voice of women perfectly, as although statistics demonstrate one in four women experience domestic violence in their lifetime, this is still a topic which is misunderstood and often taboo.

The Silent Voice of Women - Domestic Violence by Elle Smith

There is no place like Homelessness..

"There is no place like Homelessness" is a very real challenge being faced by many people. Homelessness is quickly becoming one of the biggest social issues of the 21st Century. It is not a problem reserved for refugees, and is rather closer than we realise to normal families as economic struggle hits captures more people and employment remuneration lessens.  

Homelessness GIF by Inspired By Elle

Strength and Fragility - Powerful Creatures in a Fading Ecosystem


This topic is a very evocative one, as it immediately fills my head with so many thoughts of why strength and fragility are partners to everything on this planet and its ecosystem. Some of the objects and creatures that we consider as being strong and powerful, are equally the most vulnerable and fragile. There is indeed a strength in fragility, as one would truly not begin to appreciate strength, unless we were equally able to experience fragility.

Strength and Fragility - Powerful Creatures in a Fading Ecosystem by Elle Smith UK

Why you must get ethical about fashion clothing


Fashion clothing and ethics may seem at a first glance, as not connecting at all. However, this is far from the truth. We all like to look good, and dressing up is something that most of us do as a daily routine. However, is there more to this need for self gratification, as there is always a cost to every action. Strange though it may seem there is good reason why we all need to be ethical about clothing, and in particular fashion clothing.

Why you need to get ethical about fashion clothing by Elle Smith UK