Conservation is working - Giant Panda is no longer endangered

Yesterday it was announced that after 50 years of conservation work the Giant Panda is no longer an endangered species. Inspired By Elle is proud to celebrate with WWF, as their work has clearly been instrumental in achieving this goal. The Giant Panda is still considered "vulnerable" to extinction, but the "endangered" status has been removed given the increase in numbers of this species.

giant panda happy no longer endangered

VIDEO – Ring-Tailed Lemur of Madagascar

This video is such fun – the music has a beat which mimics the sashaying of the lemur! :)

PAINTING – “Crapaud Rouge de Madagascar”

This painting is an oil on canvas at 8 by 10 inches, of this unique frog which is endemic to Madagascar. He is also known as a “Tomato Frog” due to his bright colouring. 

ART – Giant Panda gets his balloon

The Snow Leopard Cub…..feeling sad :(

Why? – Well, the answer is a simple one as he knows he is endangered! ~~~ Make a difference and support the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) with their “Wear It Wild” campaign on 5 June 2015. You can dress up like a sophisticated cat for the day, and raise awareness and funds for endangered species […]

Video about the Sumatran Orangutan

The Sumatran Orangutan

I have just finished my compact painting of this critically endangered species. You will probably remember the sketch from a few weeks ago. Well, what a difference now that I have “painted him in”. He looks too realistic for words, as his eyes seem to look deeply at you :) Please do not forget to […]

It’s time to SMILE :)

Hope you like my sketch!

“Snow Leopard Cub” Update

Here is a little update on my “Snow Leopard Cub” painting. The snow leopard cub is quite different from my other endangered animal portraits, as it’s going to be something between a sketch and a painting. He is looking more realistic, especially his eyes. What are your thoughts?

“The Polar Bear”

My most recent painting – “The Polar Bear” Polar bears are in serious danger of going extinct due to global warming. The bears were the first vertebrate species to be listed by the U.S. Endangered Species Act as threatened by extinction primarily because of global warming. Over thousands of years, polar bears have also been […]

“The Bonobo”

My most recent portrait was inspired by ‘The Bonobo’. I was captivated by the pouting chimpanzee image that I saw, as it so mimics a human-being. Then, after doing some research I realised that the Bonobo, which to me was an unknown species of chimpanzee, actually shares more than 98% of the same DNA as […]

“The Mandarin Duck”

Following on from my theme of endangered animals, here is a portrait of “The Mandarin Duck”. The mandarin is widely regarded as the worlds most beautiful duck. It is native of China and Japan. Let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!