Watch the Boy on the Beach painting come to life

I am quite shy so I don't like people watching me paint as art paintings, especially portraits go through many layers, before they actually look realistic. The more layers in fact, then the more realistic the features and skin will look: 
The Boy on the Beach

Where does Art Inspiration come from?

We all look at art and are amazed by the talent of the particular artist. However, Elle Smith, after being fascinated by her own art inspiration, will now investigate what inspires great art paintings.

art inspiration

The Sun Never Sets On Conflict..

Here is another conceptual art painting in oils by myself, on the same topic of conflict. Of course, this topic is very relevant in the 21st Century as we see much conflict around the globe, with seemingly no long-term solutions. I have called my colourful art painting : “The Sun Never Sets On Conflict”. View my other conceptual art pieces here