What can we learn from the life of Princess Diana?

I think there are many life lessons to take from Diana's life as I will demonstrate in this short blog post. Princess Diana may not have been a traditional blue blood, however she certainly shook up the royalty in the United Kingdom in an unprecedented way. There are some who will have negative viewpoints about her, but mine is all positive as I demonstrate we can all learn from her short-lived 36 years. 

Fairytale Princess Oil Painting


Watch the Boy on the Beach painting come to life

I am quite shy so I don't like people watching me paint as art paintings, especially portraits go through many layers, before they actually look realistic. The more layers in fact, then the more realistic the features and skin will look: 
The Boy on the Beach

A new portrait – Guess who..?

Portrait of Beauty

A few weeks ago I posted the sketch of this painting, and suggested you “Guess Who”. This is the completed painting which I love as it shows femininity so colourfully. It reminds me of that catchy song…”Isn’t she lovely..?”