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New Beginnings....15 September 2015

Poem - "Four Walls"

VIDEO – “Sailing into Sydney”

Watch this video of 'Sailing into Sydney' by Elle Smith, who is an artist from London in the United Kingdom, as it introduces her bubble oil painting of the same name.


Painting – “Sailing into Sydney”

This oil painting is on a canvas sized 8 by 10 inches, and “captures” a memory in a bubble. It is part of my Bubble Collection, where I have literally painted cityscapes in bubbles….hoping that those cherished memories of that place will simply float off in the air, and never disappear.

Nature Art Competition – July 2015

The Light, Space and Time Online Art Gallery have just awarded me a Special Merit Award for the “Bird of Paradise” Painting by Elle Smith, which was very popular on social media. We are very proud to share the award certificate on the website.

Video of Dubai in a Bubble

Dubai City is simply a breathtaking location, and the music in this video is captivating to match this location. This video has been composed by artist, Elle Smith, to convey the essence of this amazing city, which is captured in a bubble in the art painting of 'Dubai in a Bubble'.

Painting – “Purple Rain”

“Feelings can be painful when viewed through one pane of glass”

Painting – “Pink Success”

An optimistic piece which is 300mm by 300mm – Oil on canvas.

Video of the Galapagos Penguin

This short video provide some educational information about the endangered Galapagos Penguin, which is also an original art painting in our online art gallery of the artwork of London artist, Elle Smith.

POETRY – Teardrops

Teardrops A teardrop is rich, as many a feeling it contains. It is telling the world, in your heart there is rain. ~~~ My tears were shed, as in acute pain was I, unable to bear anymore, I started to cry. ~~~ The departure of love, drives you over the edge. Reason departs, while fear […]

VIDEO – Ring-Tailed Lemur of Madagascar

This video is such fun – the music has a beat which mimics the sashaying of the lemur! :)

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